Thursday, October 28, 2010

HJs big day 2

HJs blowing of! I can't really figured it out how she do it..exactly as an older kids do..yes!HJ can blow candles..(note candles)She blew twice.In Church it was celebrated in advance for her to be blessed and prayed for.You can watch it here HJs blowing candle in Church.And the other blowing blast happened on her below

A warmth thanks to the people who came and make that day indeed a remarkable day for HJ.

Embracing Motherhood

Monday, October 25, 2010

HJs' birthday Attire.

This is the dress that we desired to buy for HJ on her big day few months ago.The red hair bows was bought online from Singapore.Thanks to her tita who help me how to buy online..hehehhe.The fancy shoes bought at Diana Department store here in Thailand.And tommorow HJ is ready..she gonna wear this!PTL!I am excited on how she gonna look like with this colour..

Embracing Motherhood

HJ's Big Day 1

Saratorio family

Saratorio & Sajolan family

HJs' tarp (her daddy made it..)

I am so glad and thankful HE gave me a hubby who always supports me in everything I do.Especially now its going to be our HJs Big Day celebration on Wednesday.I dont really plan of having too much food and too much of decoration which I and my hubby think that will somehow spoil the celebration.ha ha ha..The most important thing for me and my hubby for that day is that for HJ to be happy exploring on blowing her candle, how she will do it.And seeing her enjoying the presence of our closets friends and relatives who loved her so..

the food

HJ with her balloons....

Saratorios' with titas

Saratorios' with Gabales family & Grandma

Embracing Motherhood

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anything round..

We had gone to malls here in Thailand with HJ with us..we noticed that ever since she started to hold on things with her two cutie hands, and can grasp things on her own, she is more and mostly fascinated on something round and soft.She will hold on to it no matter what exchange you would make just to let her go of it.Late afternoon today, we went to Big C to buy some stuffs for her.To my amazed when we enter the supermarket, she kept on pointing to something above us and says her own demanding words..."hoh!hoh!wah!huh!haheha.mapamaama.." and wanted to touch it.When we looked on it.Its a bundle of colorful balloons hanging on the ceilings.So instead of going in, we redirect her out to the the balls display corner.

We stayed in that corner for almost an hour just to satisfied her desire.And it took us late to go without grabbing one of those balls on the cashier.

Embracing Motherhood

My Bundle of JOy turns 1

On the 27th of this month marks the ever exciting celebration for me as a mother.I always cherished every single moment I spent with my baby and now that shes turning 1.It gives me an overwhelming joy.
Let me remomerate her months journey.

HJ was born 11.25 am last Ocotber 27, 2009 via CS with 52 cm heights and 3.25 kgs at Rajyindee Hospital

HJ at first month...

HJ@ 2 months old

with daddy @3 months old

with mommy @4th months old

HJ @ 5 moths old

HJ on the guitar @ 6 months old

HJ @ 7 months old

HJ with Tita Gene and mommy @ 8 months old

HJ @ 9 months old

HJ on her feet @ 10 months old

HJ in action..11 months old

Now that she's going turning 1 and its just a day before her big day..mommy is so excited seeing her blowing her candle.An exciting event that truly overwhelm me.
Will post photos soon.

Embracing Motherhood

Six days and counting.

It's few more days to go and I am so excited to see my baby on her journey from birth up to her first year.Seems that I cant help thinking what and what..which and which..where and and how...Whew!We (her dad)want it as simple but memorable for us especially to our HJ.She'll be 1 year old once..LOL So,making lists and tips of how to celebrate it helps me to remind every single details I need to assure me that simple things doesn't neglect little things.
I sincerely give thanks to my SIL who help me going through on the approaching celebration

Embracing Motherhood

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am back..

After 8 months (or more)now im draging my self back to writing LOL.Finding some time, putting back my fingers and setting my mind back to writing was one thing i thought i cant do it again after those precious days and months past, Im full time mom and I'm keeping my time and myself taking care of my baby and hubby.One thing that motivates me now is to let my baby HJ know that im not just wrting here for posting but for her to remind her someday soon when she grow up and be able to read these words. And that by these..we loved her so much and we are so blessed to have her.

Embracing Motherhood

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Now that you're 3...(cont'

Dearest HJ,

one very cold early morning...
..your face when you seems bored and sleepy..
this is how you soothe your self to sleep...but not always...

Your three-month-old’s sleeping and eating patterns become more predictable now, also Mom notice that you're discovering new ways to communicate with Mom and Dad and discover the world … touching, feeling and grabbing everything within reach!During this month,you can be able to lift your head while on your back and hold it for several minutes.If sitting with moms'hands as support you can hold your head steady and erect.When you on your stomach,you lift your head and chest as if you were doing mini push ups.Mom will post our pix later...we loved you so much anak..

Embracing Motherhood

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now that you're 3...

this is the way you suck your thumb...

YOu always get excited and happy....

this is the way dad carry you and you love it..

..and this is the way you bring your hands together,bring it close to your mouth...

Everdearest HJ,

Now that you're 3 months, you can stay up awake longer which can make me so happy because you and mommy can have much time talking, playing and simply have a fresh walk outside our room, around the house and sometime outside.YOu see a lot of things now which you're entertained and make excite with.You're fave colour is Yellow...hmmmp,i'm quiet sure about that..when we pass some yellow stuff you always do a second look or even stare at it for too long that even when we are steps afar, I cant hold back your head to position.HJ, you love to be carried by dad, each time daddy's home.You are accustomed with dad's voice and smell...I think more than you have with mom..heheheh..maybe because, we have all the time all day, and dad is at work..i know you missed dad, dad is missing you a lot too..He coudn't go to work without kissing and hugging you.You can bring your hands together, bitting it with your gums..and finally you started to suck..all your love doing it anak.And while your fingers are on your mouth, you talk a it saying "hmmm, i love these..this,this..."or just simply part of your sucking, you sing with hymn.As i watched you everyday HJ, you grew more and more lovely..your bright, round eyes, your cute red lips that smiles spontaneously. You'll be showing more and more each day as you makes us so glad anak...we love you so much...

Embracing Motherhood

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Toothless smile...

Our baby HJ,
Baby your 2 months old now,You love to talked, your DAd dried his throat for 1 hour cooing with you.You always pay attention to whatever you hear and who ever is talking with you and you talk back with variety of high-pitched coos..we love that baby.YOu can now follow an object. colourful objects when it passes through your face.And one of the best and wonderful things that happen now is, you are always showing your sweet and toothless smile.your dad wanted to capture more of those smiles but when the camera lights on, you frown.Anyway, anak, we 're sure you'll be doing and showing to us more as you grow.And each of these things you've shown will be heartily treasured of me and daddy.We love you so much, HJ.

Embracing Motherhood