Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anything round..

We had gone to malls here in Thailand with HJ with us..we noticed that ever since she started to hold on things with her two cutie hands, and can grasp things on her own, she is more and mostly fascinated on something round and soft.She will hold on to it no matter what exchange you would make just to let her go of it.Late afternoon today, we went to Big C to buy some stuffs for her.To my amazed when we enter the supermarket, she kept on pointing to something above us and says her own demanding words..."hoh!hoh!wah!huh!haheha.mapamaama.." and wanted to touch it.When we looked on it.Its a bundle of colorful balloons hanging on the ceilings.So instead of going in, we redirect her out to the the balls display corner.

We stayed in that corner for almost an hour just to satisfied her desire.And it took us late to go without grabbing one of those balls on the cashier.

Embracing Motherhood


  1. design nalang diay sa tarp ni HJ with ball na Dora ang dispaly:) daghan naman gud balls si HJ mao wala na paliti diay..he..he...

  2. we bought one for her yesterday...d pwede nga wala sis hilak na..heheeh