Thursday, February 18, 2010

Now that you're 3...(cont'

Dearest HJ,

one very cold early morning...
..your face when you seems bored and sleepy..
this is how you soothe your self to sleep...but not always...

Your three-month-old’s sleeping and eating patterns become more predictable now, also Mom notice that you're discovering new ways to communicate with Mom and Dad and discover the world … touching, feeling and grabbing everything within reach!During this month,you can be able to lift your head while on your back and hold it for several minutes.If sitting with moms'hands as support you can hold your head steady and erect.When you on your stomach,you lift your head and chest as if you were doing mini push ups.Mom will post our pix later...we loved you so much anak..

Embracing Motherhood

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  1. hi baby Hj... i love you so much.. You are a true treasure to us... Good girl..

    Papa Ben