Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Toothless smile...

Our baby HJ,
Baby your 2 months old now,You love to talked, your DAd dried his throat for 1 hour cooing with you.You always pay attention to whatever you hear and who ever is talking with you and you talk back with variety of high-pitched coos..we love that baby.YOu can now follow an object. colourful objects when it passes through your face.And one of the best and wonderful things that happen now is, you are always showing your sweet and toothless smile.your dad wanted to capture more of those smiles but when the camera lights on, you frown.Anyway, anak, we 're sure you'll be doing and showing to us more as you grow.And each of these things you've shown will be heartily treasured of me and daddy.We love you so much, HJ.

Embracing Motherhood


  1. as always kagwapa jud ni Hj labi na magsmile..Let me kiss you baby:)

  2. nganong naguest man ko oi, ako ni c Tita Gen...LOL!