Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The joy of Being preggy(2)

Our dearest precious baby,

Your grow up so fast inside mommys' tummy.and space is getting tight..You're on your 7th months now..and I and daddy are very happy to see and watch you kicking, flattering, and wiggling.You are so lovely...healthy and strong.daddy and I knew that you already becoming accustomed to mommy and daddy's voices and when daddy plays guitar music for you because whenever we lay and rub our hands on you, you react, and that makes us so overwhelmed.Cant wait any longer Baby..we are so excited seeing you on GOD's appointed date for you to be born.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


the time i tell my honey..."baby is on the way now"

.Today as I lye down on our normal-cow-sized bed..it dawned on me the day i took my urine test.And found out that I am preggy.We are both so happy.Tearfully thanking and praising GOD for HIS time.To mention that we 've been waiting for a year and half.we prayed together and that thesame day..amazing things happened and somethings changed..We are now parents.

"Father GOD, we thank you for your marvellous gift; you have allowed us to share in your divine parenthood. During this time of waiting, we ask you to protect and nurture these first mysterious stirrings of life. May our child come safely into the light of the world and to the new birth of baptism.We entrust our child to your loving heart and trusting your wonderful and great plans for this baby and for us. Amen."

GOD knows Me.

"I have written your name in my hand". Isaiah 49:16 NLT

1. God is so awesome! I am so thankful that GOD really knows ME and whats going on in me.I thank GOD for what matters to me matters to Him.

2. It's Thursday, thank God for this wonderful day.I've been asking God to just let me relax for the whole week of teaching.and that HE will let me just do my work joyfully without thinking of the day passes by.Since for the past few weeks i felt so sleepy and exhausted in the afternoon even after lunch time.I really wanted to go home, taking a nap on my table wont be comfy for me now.
I was also able to cut few hours on my extra classes in the afternoon.He really strengthens me everyday as always.

3. I thank GOD for my healthy and normal pregnancy and baby. I am now on my seventh month.I praised and thank Him for taking care of me my baby and my honey faithfully.I thank God that He is there to protect me and my family for the virus that's been affecting people lately.

4.I appreciated GOD and His ways on providing our needs.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Being pregnant is a wonderful time. From the feeling of excitement when the doctor confirms the pregnancy or the little line turns the right color to the pleasure you bring to your families faces when you announce your great news.

Further down the line comes the Baby Shower, the registering for baby gear, the trip to the store and the feeling of “Where do I possibly begin.”

I'm on my seventh month now and i need to create the “Healthy-Bump-must-have-list for expectant mothers”that will help to make sure I have the right items when we bring our bundle of joy home.

Preparing for the New Baby

o nasal aspirator

o diaper rash ointment

o 2 packages of disposable diapers or 2 dozen cloth diapers

o gentle baby soap

o no tears shampoo

o 2-4 pacifiers (you will lose them)

o blunt baby nail scissors

o baby brush and comb set

o alcohol wipes (for the cord)

o 4-6 bottles (4 and 8 ounce size)

o bottle brush

o 2 nursing bras (if nursing)

o breast pads (if nursing)

o breast pump (if nursing)

o 6 bibs

o 2-4 hooded bath towels

o 4-6 wash clothes

o 4 bassinet sheets

o 2 waterproof mattress pads

o 2 quilted crib pads

o 3-4 crib sheets

o crib bumper

o 2 comforters (depending on season)

o 2 crib blankets (depending on season)

o 6-8 snap t-shirts or onesies

o 4-6 lightweight sleepers

o 6-8 receiving blankets

o 6-8 baby gowns with pull-ties

o 4 pairs of booties or socks

o 1 sweater

o 1 snowsuit (depending on season)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

..our holidays together..

..a family that i always treasured...

..left undone

My week end is so cold and i cant hang around somewhere as what i desire to do few days ago.Its raining.My hubby and I wanted to check some of the stuffs for our baby..to make some or little preparation for our baby after church..we wanted to buy something now so it wouldn't be harder for my hubby to put things up when times i cant help him do so..since now, i really felt revived and full of energy to move around and do some usual house chores and i even insist to do the cooking for us..(Glory to GOd)I sometimes forget that Im preggy..LOL.So he decided to go to church alone because he will be playing guitar for the praised and worship...and me?left at home.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

When every moment counts..

time passes s fast and im counting joyfully...i'm on my 6 months now and there are so many changes that i am so excited about... I look gracefully at my bulging tummy with the thrill of becoming a mother.Glory and HOnor belongs to our great Father in Heaven.

Femikey did a great job...

I'm supposed to post this out a couple of days ago but I just felt a little lazy.
My apology.

Anyway, I can say that I'm so lucky and so grateful indeed of having a free blog makeover by Femikey.You can check it out in her site...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I can't help it..

i cant help it but i always get teary eyes with mixed emotions everynow and then..my little baby angel inside me keeps on rejoicing whenever i lay my hands on my bulging tummy..i knew and i can feel it that my baby feels me too..she's on her 6 months old and she grows so healthy and strong..so many people are praying for me, my pregnancy and of course for our baby....im so glad for them...