Monday, October 25, 2010

HJ's Big Day 1

Saratorio family

Saratorio & Sajolan family

HJs' tarp (her daddy made it..)

I am so glad and thankful HE gave me a hubby who always supports me in everything I do.Especially now its going to be our HJs Big Day celebration on Wednesday.I dont really plan of having too much food and too much of decoration which I and my hubby think that will somehow spoil the celebration.ha ha ha..The most important thing for me and my hubby for that day is that for HJ to be happy exploring on blowing her candle, how she will do it.And seeing her enjoying the presence of our closets friends and relatives who loved her so..

the food

HJ with her balloons....

Saratorios' with titas

Saratorios' with Gabales family & Grandma

Embracing Motherhood

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