Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Bundle of JOy turns 1

On the 27th of this month marks the ever exciting celebration for me as a mother.I always cherished every single moment I spent with my baby and now that shes turning 1.It gives me an overwhelming joy.
Let me remomerate her months journey.

HJ was born 11.25 am last Ocotber 27, 2009 via CS with 52 cm heights and 3.25 kgs at Rajyindee Hospital

HJ at first month...

HJ@ 2 months old

with daddy @3 months old

with mommy @4th months old

HJ @ 5 moths old

HJ on the guitar @ 6 months old

HJ @ 7 months old

HJ with Tita Gene and mommy @ 8 months old

HJ @ 9 months old

HJ on her feet @ 10 months old

HJ in action..11 months old

Now that she's going turning 1 and its just a day before her big day..mommy is so excited seeing her blowing her candle.An exciting event that truly overwhelm me.
Will post photos soon.

Embracing Motherhood

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