Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Six days and counting.

It's few more days to go and I am so excited to see my baby on her journey from birth up to her first year.Seems that I cant help thinking what and what..which and which..where and and how...Whew!We (her dad)want it as simple but memorable for us especially to our HJ.She'll be 1 year old once..LOL So,making lists and tips of how to celebrate it helps me to remind every single details I need to assure me that simple things doesn't neglect little things.
I sincerely give thanks to my SIL who help me going through on the approaching celebration

Embracing Motherhood


  1. da nastarring gud ko..he..he...ikaw pa sis I'm sure HJ's bday will me a blast and a memorable one:)

  2. by GODs grace sis...we know it will because we prayed.