Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas Gift.

Dearest HJ,

The most happiest time in our lives is now that we have you.YOu are priceless,unwrapable and uncomparable gift that we ever have this season.And we are so grateful to GOD for you.You are the one that makes us happy.Your voice and your smile wakes us up in a day with so much joy and love.
Happy Christmas anak, HJ,we love you so much.THis season of Christmas, our hopes and prayers for you to be truly "Gods delight" as what your name says.

Dad with mom nag pix..huhuhu..

Embracing Motherhood

Thursday, December 17, 2009

HJs' first check up

Last November 27, was HJ's first check up after a month..She gained a lot..from 3.25 when she was born after a month shes' 4.4 kgs. We thought shes not that heavy beacause she dont drink much of my milk.For that cause I had to have mixed feeding with her.And she is 55 cm. from 52 cm.Well, HJ,we thanked GOD for taking care of you.

WIth dad Ben..of course.. while waiting HJs Pedriatician.. Dad Ben changed his class sched to be with us.

Dad had to talk and play with her so she will stop crying. Good that daddy is good at that..

HJ's relax now...

Finished the crying HJ with the vaccine shot..Its time to go home now..

Embracing Motherhood

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm one month old..

Everdearest HJ,

Thank GOD you're here with us..this pix is taken at your one month..I can still remember(and never will forget) how you came out from me..Your Dad and I can hold you close,kiss,hug you cute angel of ours.You're so beautiful little girl and you are welcome to be in our company in this special place, the family. We are so proud to have you..proud to be a parents.I could not explicitly describe the emotions of the moment.Your face beamed with pure delight, and with a wide smile of childish innocence,I loved to embraced you tightly. I couldn’t help the tears from falling down my cheeks. There were no need for words everytime of moment—deep in my heart, I heard all what she wanted to say.LOL..whew!!!This joy couldn't be found in anything and in anyone elses..JOy of being a mother. We loved you so much "anak"..

Embracing Motherhood

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Joy of giving birth to You..

Last October was very exciting yet I felt a bit tense of whats gonna be me when I'll be in labor..many things came into my mind..and yet honey and I are anticipating with so much joy for the gift..a very precious gift from GOD in our marriage.This was taken on the final weeks of waiting...for HJ to arrive.I honestly didnt thought about having another way of giving birth aside from natural or vaginal delivery.I mean it.BUt things sometimes wont happen as what you wanted to be. On the 27th,at 11.15 HJ arrived via CS.We both prayed for a safe and easy delivery.BUt GODs plan is impeccable.Though things didn't happened as we desired, we are still so happy and I have so many things to be grateful for.

my mom-in-law patiently waiting for me..

My dad-in-law was all ready to support me.He was the one who accompany me in the operating room.They(with Honey) agreed to have either one of them.

I am so grateful for these people are very supportive that they don't even eat their breakfast just to wait HJ and prayed for my safe operation.They are outside the nursery room joyfully waiting for HJ..

An hour old Hyphzybah Jazzyz T. Saratorio.

(3.25 kgs..and 52 cm)

HJ, you are fearfully and wonderfully made..GOD loves you so do we..

Embracing Motherhood