Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A surprised celebration!

When weekend comes, I felt so happy and excited because of so many reasons.I can stay home and do the housechores that I enjoy doing. I could have all the time of the days being spent with my hubby, listening and encouraging him while he's doing his time mastery on the BLues guitar piece.(We both love listening to it.).We could also have much time talking about our desires, thoughts for us and for our baby HJ that will soon to be us.Eating meals together which during weekdays we seldom do it together except on dinner.On weekends,I do some "palambing"thing to my hubby to cook meals for us the whole day.hehehe..I always comforted because He'll do it with a smile.And on weekends we usually visits our dear sis and broe in Hat Yai. To mention that my honey will have lots of fun playing with HYzyd(our Nephew-Gen and Joes' son)

Two weeks ago,I got some pains and aches (which is normal)in my pelvic areas,the reason i wasn't able to go to school for a day and deciding not to travel to Hatyai that weekend.My sis-in-law had an invitation for a celebration that weekend, on the 5th,she said its a lovers celebration.Which, honestly it calls my attention.WHy??First,its their first lovers' celebration for after 2 years when they got married.second,the very first time my sis-in-law invited us but she talked to my honey first over the phone, and I was informed second hand.Well, in my mind, nothing so serious about it..my reply was"I will just try to come".

To make the story shorter,they are not really celebrating their Lovers' Anniversary but instead, a surprised Baby Shower.I cant stand the fact that my sis-in-law, her hubby and my honey took the agreement that they will keep the preparation among themselves.Some closed friends where informed the truth about it.

Its truly a surprised to me...a wonderful, meaningful celebration that helps me to anticipate joyfully of the motherhood life, somehow it encouraged me to be more and more excited..

Thanks to you my dear Sis, Bro, Hyzyd, friends..who prayed and have done your part for making the celebartion worthwhile..to my honey whom from the start, encourages, support and loves me...GOd bless us all..
(to see photos on the celebration you can head over to http://www.genejostory.com/ but more photos will be post next time)

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MY 8th months..

I am now on my 34 weeks and very excited. Feeling my baby tickles in my sides.Baby, you are very welcome..we love you so much...

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's a baby GIRL

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I had my ultrasound last month which it caused me sleepless night thinking whats the gender of our baby.We are so excited the day before it and I kept on staring at the mirror, looking my bulging tummy.talking to my self, Am I carrying a baby boy or baby girl?..sounds funny but its true.My hubby, in his heart felt that we have a baby girl..and he hasn't mistaken on his guess.Af
ter the ultrasound, after seeing our baby kicking and wiggling inside me, my hubby and I had a flashing conversation.we do remember the declaration of Papa Ben when they are here last year. He already had told us that he they will be having a baby girl as their grandchild from us..We believed in it and Papa Ben even gave us the name for a baby girl.What a faith!!
Praised GOD for HYPHZYBAH JAZZYZ T.SARATORIO.We love you baby and we are so happy to have you.

Friday, September 4, 2009

..Becoming A Better DAD, Seven Ways Your Partner Can Help

The following list of Seven Things Women Can Do to Get Fathers More Involved was excerpted from the book Throwaway Dads, by Ross D. Parke and Armin A. Brott.

1. Look at things from your partner's perspective
"Women usually measure what their husbands do against what they do," says researcher Jay Belsky. Using this scale, most men fail miserably. But men tend to "measure their domestic contributions against what their fathers did," adds Belsky, "and sometimes even against what their male friends and co-workers are doing." By this standard, many husbands feel pretty satisfied with themselves and their contributions around the house.

2. Adjust your standards
Let's face it, men and women often have very different standards. Adjusting yours to his level doesn't mean that the kids will be wearing the same clothes every day. Also, there are many different ways to change diapers, play, teach, and entertain children. Yours isn't always right.

3. Treat men as partners, not as helpers
Just as men need to rethink their family roles as "assistants" to mothers, women need to change their ideas about what's reasonable to expect from their partners. Asking your partner for help only reinforces the view that men have little direct responsibility for the care and management of children. Instead, ask him to do his share.

4. Praise your partner
As a group, men generally dislike doing things that make them feel incompetent. At the same time, most men love compliments. Tell him what a great job he's doing, and ask him to do the same thing again — even if it's not exactly the way that you would have done it.

5. Don't be a gatekeeper
Even if you know how to stop the baby from crying, let your partner try to figure it out for himself before jumping in. Men and women have different approaches to the same task, and fathers need the confidence that only comes with practice.

6. Recognize that you can't do it all
Let your spouse or partner know that you have limits. Increasing his awareness that you simply can't do everything will go a long way to bringing men into action on the home front.

7. Redefine work
When dividing up responsibilities, many couples have trouble defining what exactly the term "work" means. In many families, for example, couples err by neglecting to give parenting the same weight as other domestic chores. Switch responsibilities once in a while — let him make dinner while you do some wrestling. This kind of trading can change your understanding of what both of you contribute. You and your partner can devise your own ways of assigning responsibilities.