Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The joy of Being preggy(2)

Our dearest precious baby,

Your grow up so fast inside mommys' tummy.and space is getting tight..You're on your 7th months now..and I and daddy are very happy to see and watch you kicking, flattering, and wiggling.You are so lovely...healthy and strong.daddy and I knew that you already becoming accustomed to mommy and daddy's voices and when daddy plays guitar music for you because whenever we lay and rub our hands on you, you react, and that makes us so overwhelmed.Cant wait any longer Baby..we are so excited seeing you on GOD's appointed date for you to be born.


  1. hi honey... i love you...

    kumusta si Hj baby?

  2. we love you too honey...baby is fineby GODs' grace and blessing..take care

  3. kita ramay tubag tubag hon... hehehe

  4. ha..ha..nakakatawa naman kayo oi...he..he...hello baby HJ