Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Being pregnant is a wonderful time. From the feeling of excitement when the doctor confirms the pregnancy or the little line turns the right color to the pleasure you bring to your families faces when you announce your great news.

Further down the line comes the Baby Shower, the registering for baby gear, the trip to the store and the feeling of “Where do I possibly begin.”

I'm on my seventh month now and i need to create the “Healthy-Bump-must-have-list for expectant mothers”that will help to make sure I have the right items when we bring our bundle of joy home.

Preparing for the New Baby

o nasal aspirator

o diaper rash ointment

o 2 packages of disposable diapers or 2 dozen cloth diapers

o gentle baby soap

o no tears shampoo

o 2-4 pacifiers (you will lose them)

o blunt baby nail scissors

o baby brush and comb set

o alcohol wipes (for the cord)

o 4-6 bottles (4 and 8 ounce size)

o bottle brush

o 2 nursing bras (if nursing)

o breast pads (if nursing)

o breast pump (if nursing)

o 6 bibs

o 2-4 hooded bath towels

o 4-6 wash clothes

o 4 bassinet sheets

o 2 waterproof mattress pads

o 2 quilted crib pads

o 3-4 crib sheets

o crib bumper

o 2 comforters (depending on season)

o 2 crib blankets (depending on season)

o 6-8 snap t-shirts or onesies

o 4-6 lightweight sleepers

o 6-8 receiving blankets

o 6-8 baby gowns with pull-ties

o 4 pairs of booties or socks

o 1 sweater

o 1 snowsuit (depending on season)

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  1. thank you Lord imo ni tanan iprovide