Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Happy Pregnancy... My Happy Birthday

My birthday seems not to be the first priority to me now since I am expecting, My hubby, week before ask me where I would like to spend the day since the following day after my birthday is holiday.We actually ask GOD to give us enough time to go and stay in one of the prestegious hotel here in Songklah near the Beach with a pool where we can relax and refreshed.BUt we never plan, Its GODs duty.

Early in the morning of Tuesday, I woke up at 2 to pee.After, I cant get my eyes back to sleep so I check my blog and check some others 'til I viewed my SILs' writings for me.I coudn't help my eyes from shedding tears when I read her birthday tribute for me..discovered that shes' been constantly and faithfully been praying for me and for my honey(her broe)through thick and thin that much that I can ever imagine.Though she is, but because shes the type of women that never speaks out more than I do. I stood still, folding my hands in prayers.In teary eyes and grateful heart, I Thank and praise GOD for this wonderful person.My loving honey, noticed me cryin' so he hugged and kissed me as he prayed for me.

Just when I came back from school in the afternoon I used to take some naps at 4.30, before my honey arrived home and prepare dinner for us.To my surprised, my SIL and her family came and brought pizzaz.

My hubby have his own surprised for me as well, the long days of last its here in front of me..LOL..
...The decoration, Its not written in English and its not Happy birthday..but its"RAk Mea" in Thai Language means "LOVE MOM" in English.

You might wonder WHy its 8 candles..It represents my pregnancy months now..hehehe..Its my Pregnancy...My birthday...THank GOD!


  1. wow sis naka post na dayon ka ha...nice kaayo sis ang pag present nimo sa food...gutom noon ko. enjoy kaayo we sis.. dia pa hyzyd wala pa natulog wa pa naulie sa iyang enjoyment

  2. ..hehehe..thanks..honey help me do it...lingaw jud Hyzyd boy..kami sleepy na..