Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm one month old..

Everdearest HJ,

Thank GOD you're here with us..this pix is taken at your one month..I can still remember(and never will forget) how you came out from me..Your Dad and I can hold you close,kiss,hug you cute angel of ours.You're so beautiful little girl and you are welcome to be in our company in this special place, the family. We are so proud to have you..proud to be a parents.I could not explicitly describe the emotions of the moment.Your face beamed with pure delight, and with a wide smile of childish innocence,I loved to embraced you tightly. I couldn’t help the tears from falling down my cheeks. There were no need for words everytime of moment—deep in my heart, I heard all what she wanted to say.LOL..whew!!!This joy couldn't be found in anything and in anyone elses..JOy of being a mother. We loved you so much "anak"..

Embracing Motherhood

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  1. kagwafa ba sa ako niece..kiss!!!!Mwaaaahhhhh...

    about my template naku sis dili nako maopen this morning, maybe it has something to do with the html coz I tried it to other blogs of mine same result so I decided to change it...ok lang ba? it's juz me who made it....:)