Thursday, December 17, 2009

HJs' first check up

Last November 27, was HJ's first check up after a month..She gained a lot..from 3.25 when she was born after a month shes' 4.4 kgs. We thought shes not that heavy beacause she dont drink much of my milk.For that cause I had to have mixed feeding with her.And she is 55 cm. from 52 cm.Well, HJ,we thanked GOD for taking care of you.

WIth dad Ben..of course.. while waiting HJs Pedriatician.. Dad Ben changed his class sched to be with us.

Dad had to talk and play with her so she will stop crying. Good that daddy is good at that..

HJ's relax now...

Finished the crying HJ with the vaccine shot..Its time to go home now..

Embracing Motherhood

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