Thursday, October 1, 2009

OCtober, here it comes.

Its the first day of October, and I'm beginning to put my mind and heart to a very serious but very exciting thing that will happen to me anytime now..."giving birth".I am not that nervous..thanks be to GOD, my strength is in HIM.My honey and I talks about how things will emmidiately changes when our bundle of joy comes in.and we ended up joking like"Di na ta maka panghimunak"thats in our own dialect which means"we can't take enough time cleaning ourselves..we both knew it will never happen to us as long as we continue to share our time.And besides, we are aesking HIM to have someone who could take care of our baby HJ as soon as I will go back to work.
Last week were alloted to prepare, construct and clean our room for we decided that HJ will be staying in our room and all her stuffs as well.Like cabinets, hanger stand, crib, wash and ironing HJ premmies clothes.This week we will be purchasing some of the lacking things.

Embracing Motherhood

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